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Bed and Breakfast at Menthon-St-Bernard (Lake of Annecy, Haute-Savoie)

Meet Odile and Jean-Eric

While choosing to stay at la Vallombreuse’s B&B you will have the opportunity to meet Odile and Jean-Eric Ougier, the happy owners, and discover why they moved from Paris to Menthon-Saint-Bernard, and how it has changed their life.


Life is full of meetings and opportunities to be seized. Some of those moments happened in our life at times often unexpected. La Vallombreuse came to us one very early morning just one hour after the birth of our daughter Céleste. After one long phone call, a conversation, a piano, a medium friend, a quick décision to make and small magical moments, we knew that day that we were destined to la Vallombreuse.

But the story begins with the Ougier family. Micheline and Henri and their four children spent each year their vacation up in the mountains, at Les Carroz. Hiking, freedom and friendship was the main program. But good weather was not always there. Occasional snow in the middle of July pushed them down in the valley. Love at first sight has operarted a few dives later in the warm lake of Annecy. Land was rapidly bought and the Ougier built the chalet de l’Amitié, on the Roc de Chère, facing the lake. It was completed for the birth of Jean-Eric.

Beautiful and hot summers as well as beautiful and cold winters passed and the cabin was always filled with friends. The family expanding between marriages and births, our wish was now to have our own nest.

Summer 1990, we are expecting our daughter Agathe for October. Doctors forbid me to leave Paris. It is very hot an sunny. In the Hamlet of Ramponnet like each year, a great party is beeing prepared on August the 15th. Following the open air mass before the chapel, everyone huddles around the well where white wine is cooling up. The whole village gossips happily to the sound of the band posted on the dock, a tipical fried pancake made by the neighbors and a drink in hand. It is in this general euphoria on the sound of the bugle that Jean-Eric visits the small house he has noticed. Love at first sight is again au rendez-vous ! Two months later, at the birth of Agathe, Ramponnet will be ours.

10 years later, a new century is starting. We decide to move in Menthon-Saint-Bernard. It is the right time for us. The renovation of la Vallombreuse is almost completed. Julie, the elder daughter begins her graduate studies in Paris, Prosper enters kindergarten and the girls, primary class. The 3 of them will attend the village school. I had put my work in computer graphics on hold to take care of the children. Jean-Eric can easily work on the design and implementation of numerous fireworks remotely. His compagny, Fêtes et Feux is doing very well and traveling the world is no longer a problem with Geneva international airport at just steps from home.

2001 will see the opening of La Vallombreuse. A new life begins for us with promises of great encounters ...

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La Vallombreuse

La Vallombreuse

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La Vallombreuse

la Vallombreuse

Odile et Jean-Eric OUGIER
534, route des Moulins
74290 Menthon-Saint-Bernard

Phone : 0033 450 64 88 87
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